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Who are we?


Tennis Mechanix Academy was formed in Burbank, Ca. by Cecil Mamiit and Joel Dacay. Open for enrollment to junior players ages 7-18.

We offer after school and home school programs for players 7-18 years of age,

Starting a full time program for home schoolers and a clinic for 4 to 8 year olds.

Ages 7 to 18 may register to qualify for the TMX SUMMER PROGRAM.

2023 Schedule coming soon


For more information about rates or to schedule a player assessment email us at


 TMX PRACTICE Wednesday 9/25/19

Weather is great and will start on time at 4:30pm-8:00pm


Enrollment is open for tournament players throughout the year. All new students must do an on court assessment with a TMX coach to gauge technique, tactics and style of play. Coaches familiarize themselves with a student-athlete's game through UTR, national, USTA, and ITF rankings to better group players of similar skill level. To schedule an assessment please contact us at


Tennis Mechanix facility is located at Burbank Tennis Center, 249 Amherst rd. in Burbank CA. Practice is shared between our home facility at Burbank Tennis Center and Burbank High School located at 902 N 3rd st. Burbank CA.

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